Geneva SoftShake and other local events

Next week in Geneva it will take place the second edition of the Soft-Shake conference that I strongly recommend (…even though if I cannot attend since I’ll be in Anaheim for the SharePoint Conference).

We have 2 speeches here:

SoftShake is not the only upcoming event, since we’ve many initiatives around the cloud.

I’ll be directly involved in this ISACA session on Cloud computing and Swiss Market Trends where I will do with Ben a kind of Jam session on IaaS and PaaS.

Below the agenda:

18:00 Welcome and Greets
18:30 Swiss Market Trends in Cloud computing - Anees Qureshi, CTP Nyon
18: 50 Understanding the cloud computing better – Issues, Threats and solutions, with real life case analysis on various offerings
- Corrado Iorizzo, Senior Architect / Benjamin Soulier, Manager, CTP Nyon
19:50 Q and A Session
20:05 Networking Apero


Cambridge Technology Partners, Chemin de Precossy 27, Nyon.


TFS 2010 Web Access - Project Collections don’t showed

This morning I’ve lost a couple of hours with an enterprise customer with a very annoying problem.

  • We’re using different Project Collections to segregate permission and delegate administrations among different countries/departments/sand-boxed environments;
  • Since a couple of days, when I add a new Project Collection, it doesn’t showed on the Project Selection window of TFS Web Access


  • Indeed Visual Studio 2010 worked perfectly, showing all the expected Project Collections accordingly to the granted permissions.
  • After having checked (and forced) all TFS permissions, logs and web-configs what I did had just forcing an option on TFS Web Access web.config


  • I had to change the following option:
   1: <tfServers>

   2:  <!-- <add name="http://server:8080" /> 

   3: -->

   4: </tfServers>

  • First I removed the comment, forcing to connect to the TFS server DNS URL (http://tfs.mycompany.com/tfs)

  • This wasn’t working too so I forced Web Access to connect to a specific Project Collection URI (http://tfs.mycompany.com/tfs/oneofmyprojectcollection) and unexpectedly this worked!

    • I don’t know why but almost probably specifying a project collection uri force TFS to enumerate the root collection.

  • I’d like to remember that this option is used when you need to decouple TFS Web Access from TFS Application Tier, splitting the module on two different servers.

Balsamiq Templates Collection

Balsamiq is an excellent tool that I use to design application storyboards, mockups and functional specs, and I’ve to admit that since I’ve discovered it, I prefer it rather than Microsoft SketchFlow. It’s also interesting the company behind the product and the philosophy of the founder (…one of the few italian guys running a startup).

Anyway for whom is working with Balsamiq I’m landed on a must-link site providing for free additional templates that can be used to enrich the Balsamiq library to support different sketch style (as example SharePoint 2010 and iPad). Take a look to: http://mockupstogo.net/


Azure UG Switzerland – 23.09.2011

By enabling you to build, host and scale your applications in the Cloud, Windows Azure is the unifying factor coming for the enterprise.


If you missed the opportunity to attend the Build Conference in Anaheim, California, please joint us on Friday September 23rd, 9 to 12 AM, for a discovery tour of all the latest features and capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud Platform, a tour presented by Switzerland’s first Windows Azure MVP Benjamin Soulier.

Then you will hear about a real life experience presented by Mr. Adam Jones of The Global Fund.


Attendance is free, kindly register at:



Chemin de Pr├ęcossy 27

Cambridge Technology Partners Office

1260 Nyon


Date: Friday September 23rd 2011

Time: 9AM to 12AM


09:00-09:30: Breakfast,

09:30-10:15: Session: Benjamin Soulier -

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All about new the features coming to Azure

10:15-10:30: Break

10:30-11:15: Session: A customer’s voice: Adam Jones from The Global Fund

11:15-12:00: Open discussion