Azure User Group Suisse – 02.02.2011 Call for User Groups Sessions

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Hi everyone, I’m very proud to announce the first Azure User Group Suisse Meeting that will be in held in Nyon on 02.02.2011, thanks to Cambridge Technology Partners that will provide the conference room and the technical infrastructure to run the meeting.

The Group Leader is my dear friend and great speaker Benjamin Soulier and we’ve decided to run this initiative together to have the opportunity to share ideas and experience for a technology we’re sure is going to drive the IT projects in the incoming years.

The idea is to import in Suisse the User Groups UK formula where communities and groups are largely spreaded and have some common features:

  • Contents and Topics are directly chosen by group members;
  • Live events every 2-3 months in off-work hours (17,30-20,00)
    • 2 Sessions of 1 Hours
    • Final drink with networking and free sharing-experience

Call To Action:

I’m looking to speakers and Topics for the first events and obviously I am not necessarily looking for seasoned speakers. In fact the value that group bring to all of you is that you are part of community and if you want to share a good story to tell about real world implementation you can do that!

Why should you speak at Meetings:

  • To practice your public speaking abilities in a friendly environment
  • To promote your name and measure your technical skills
  • To have the opportunity to share your experiences for everyone benefits and viceversa

If you’re interested, please write to me: corrado.iorizzo [a--t] yahoo.co.uk or drop a comment on this blog.

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