TFS, Conchango and MOSS

I'm working with a customer deploying MOSS 2007 and TFS 2008 in the same server farm, sharing the DB between the 2 environments and also the MOSS portal with TFS.

Indeed the topology is quite easy, with three servers:

  • A SQL-Server 2005 with SSAS, SSIS;
  • The TFS Application tier with SSRS;
  • The MOSS FE (with the TFS WSS extension)

Customer adopted a SCRUM methodology and would like to leverage the Conchango template, but I got in trouble because you've to manually setup Conchango on a dual server TFS topology, manually deploying a Sharepoint solution (Conchango).

I was unable to deploy the Conchango templates and after having thought it was caused by my fault, I found the following error in Sharepoint logs:

10/28/2009 10:59:38.94 OWSTIMER.EXE (0x0B64) 0x0A78 Windows SharePoint Services Timer 5utx Unexpected The timer service could not initialize its configuration, please check the configuration database. Will retry later.

This one, usually is due to a problem in Sharepoint configuration cache that can be easily resolved forcing an update of the cache (take a look to the blog post).

It didn't worked for me so I had to remove the server from the farm (easy in my scenario because it was just an 1 server farms) with:

psconfig -cmd configdb disconnect

The reinsert the server itself in the farm just with psconfigui.exe

To deploy Conchango is mandatory to install Team Explorer both on Sharepoint FE and on the TFS AT.

I don't like having team explorer on a MOSS FE, but in this case I need it because on the same server there is also Team System Web Access and explorer is a requirements also for it.

To manually deploy Conchango on Sharepoint : stsadm -o Conchango.TeamSystem.Scrum.Sharepoint.wsp from the path C:\Program Files\Conchango\Scrum for Team System\SFTS WSS Template

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