SQL-Server 2005 BI Studio – Class not registered

If you get this error:


Try to install Office Web Components from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/thankyou.aspx?familyId=7287252c-402e-4f72-97a5-e0fd290d4b76&displayLang=en

On my development VM I’ve installed only O2007 getting this error.


Windows 7 – Upgrading from BETA to RC, it worked!

It’s a couple of weeks that I’m receiving a notification ad every boot of my Windows 7 RC Laptop reminding me to backup data because it will expires in july without providing me the opportunity to recover data and application.

I’ve just planned 2 day to reinstall everything but thanks to my friend AndreaR (the cyborg) I used this article to upgrade.


I know, it’s the “italian way” very pragmatic. I guess that upgraded process hasn’t been fully tested so that it has blocked by MS.

In my case it worked great (it took a couple of hours to be completed)

ANIPLA 2009 – Naples

On 19th June I had the opportunity to speak at Federico II University of Naples (Italy) to the italian national conference on Intelligent Manufacturing.

My speech was again about BAM (Business Activity Monitor) on industrial plant and it has been co-authored with Enzo Maria Tieghi from ServiTecno our partner providing us with GE Fanuc SCADA solutions.

The presentation is available here:

PS: …I was forgetting to suggest  to avoid “Oste Pazzo” restaurant at Borgo Marinari in Naples. Expect from them a huge bill depending from your home town and a meal quality that is the same of a low level restaurant in Milan. Do you know the worst things about touristic restaurant? Well, you can find them there.