IBA-Day 2009 & DDG May Meeting Follow-Up

My company has been invited to present a project developed for an Hot-Rolling-Table for a new furnace at IBA Day 2009.

I was the speaker but I’ve just presented the great job of my colleagues Eros Valzasina and Chiara Susca.

The challenges of the project were:

  • How to integrate the Hot-Rolling-Table logic implemented on Siemens MMC with the new S7 PLC?
  • How the system can be tested running it in parallel with the previous one (we know very well this topic for level 2 application, but this was the first time we applied our “Sunsetting” to Level 1;
  • Is it possible to deliver a Level 1 PCS with a low-cost Wintel hardware using IBA technologies?

Obviously if we were invited to IBA Day, the answer is yes to all of the question…

To know how, the presentation is here:

Yesterday I also attended to may meeting of London .Net User Group

There has been a great Battle of the WEB contest (great idea from Jason Chapman) where in a 35 mins for each speaker, different Content Managed platform and approach have been presented.

Obviously I’ve talked about Sharepoint but my battle has been a Waterloo…

My demo server with MOSS and WSS runs out of ADSL so that I talked about Content Management using the italian intranet running on WSS…

I’ve to be grateful to BT for this…

Anyway presentation is here:

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