AISTech 2009

For my company AISTech (America Iron and Steel Technology institute) is “the event” and until now we’ve 7 papers (and 7 sessions) about projects we’ve delivered on metal market.

This year we’re also exhibitor and you can find our stand on the aisle 2900.

In the past days I’ve took some sessions:

  • “Computer Applications - Level 1 & 2 Control Systems and Migration” was driven by Andy Szabo from ArcelorMittal and from my friend Wlodzimierz Filipczyk (the most skilled person about level 1 and level 2 systems on steel market I’ve ever meet).
    My session was about our methodological approach and the framework in leveraging data and information available from basic automation and PCS to provide high-level business information and also how to downsize unflexible level 3 functions to level 2 systems. Presentation is here.
    About the technical stuff the involved platform are Sharepoint, Reporting Services, .Net and Analysis Services.
  • “Cranes - Crane Technology I” track where I’ve spoken about a project that we’re delivering to mananage an automatic slab yard. Our system leverage an optimizer platform providing simulation, trend analysis and hot-roll mill scheduling accordingly to different policy. Presentation is here.
    We’re developing this project leveraging IBM ILog platform, using .Net for integration and WPF for the Front-End. We’ve also to deal with TMEIC-GE software to manage overhead cranes mission control.
  • “Electrical Applications - Updating Electrical Applications for Continuous Improvements” track where we explained how we’re using our “Sunsetting” approach in rewriting a Level 2 PCS to manage the power distribution of an 11 milion tons steel maker plant.
    The news in this project is that we’re using Microsoft OSLO (a Domain Specific Language) to express the relationship between the component of power switches network. Presentation is here.

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