ALM Day & DDG Group - Follow-up

Just a quick note about the last speeches.

  • Microsoft ALM Day (Milan and Rome), here are the pdf and xps of the italian presentation;
  • Developers Group (London), here are the pps of the englishalian presentation;

I'd also wanna thanks the italian Microsoft Team for the perfect event organization (Francesca, Lorenzo, Paola, Pasquale) and Joanna, Jason and Pete from DDG for hosting me again.

Today the point of no return has been passed (sigh), unfortunately (for me) I've been charged also with a biz-development role in UK...

Just to begin, let me know if someone needs support or mentoring on BizTalk, Sharepoint and TFS, me or someone from my team will be delighted to work with you smiling, at the best of out capabilities and ...uhm ah!  yes providing great value and effectiveness to your solution (...I don't wanna be a sales person sigh)

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