The Developers Group London - 21.10.2009

Yesterday I've took a speech @ The Developers Group in Microsoft Cardinal Place (London UK) Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation (WF not WWF which is copyrighted by World Wrestling Federation and it's another story...)

You can download slides and demos from Speech & Conferences area on the "naked" TIQ-Industrial site (or click here Slides, Demos).

I'm absolutely unhappy with yesterday presentation because I've totally missed the presentation timing that I planned!

I started writing code to much slowly so that I was unable to complete all the demos that I consider to be "a must" to learn the pillars of WF.

The basic things You should know:

  • Demo 1 - The editors is totally integrated with the object model of WF. You can draw or code (obviously first option is better...) and you need to know ho to manage exceptions.
  • Demo 2 - While, Condition, If, Branches... You must know how to manage your flow
  • Demo 3 - Data exchange, you must be able to exchange information between host and your workflow instance and viceversa (it's not the initial parameters passing to the workflow, I haven't the time to show this feature).
  • Demo 4 - Custom Activity create your custom components libraries extending the WF basic toolbox (like Sharepoint and TFS 2010 do). Yesterday the problem exposing a property was the default constructor exposed by my Snippet wasn't good for WF.
  • Demo 5 - Event State Machine that it's the real added value of WF in modelling real world behaviour (document management, resource management, long running transaction.

For the upcoming sessions from DG Group take a look to http://www.richplum.co.uk/

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