PDC 2008 - Day 1 - Microsoft Visual Studio Team System: A Lap Around VSTS 2010

Nice and interesting presentation from Cameron Skinner about VS2010 focused on the new testing and ALM feature.

037 Here are the requirements for the new release of VS2010!
Those requirements are translated in new functionalities and practices supported by VS2010 with a lot of small improvements which promises to simplify a lot the daily life for the developers!


038 This is the Bug Report view that has been strongly improved. Now the tester could also save a video to show the error to the developer and when the application crashes is it possibile to save the state and context (a dump) so that developers could inspect this file to evaluate what's happened leveraging the VS integrated debugger.

Some improvement included in the IDE:

  • Test Impacted: when you choose this function (with a right click) on a function you can see the tree of impacted tests (to avoid the butterfly effect that happens when you change a small part of code and a lot of unexpected functionalities are impacted!)
  • Test Validation: Before check-in a test-validation is mandatory to avoid to break a continuos-building process.
  • Sequence-Diagram: it's possible to generate a Sequence-Diagram to show the interaction between the function and methods.
039 On the left there is an architectural diagram of the name-spaces in a solution. It's a cool feature  because you can define architectural-constraints and when the code violate them, warning and report are automatically generated so that you can review the architectural assumption.

Test-Recorder maybe is the most complex feature add to the test tool-set in VSTS. You can record your interaction with WEB applications and Windows Form applications for performing regression-tests and including this "functional test" in the the validation process.

VSTS 2010 is including some functionalities that use to be part of other sophisticated and vertical quality control platform (like Compuware, Mercury, etc,)


  • Those are not the whole features of VS 2010 but just a small subset about the ALM for testing!
  • VS 2010 is a WPF application. That's cool! You can see a lot of improvements in the editors.
  • Drawback: Unfortunately the Test Recorder doesn't support SilverLight and I guess that a future support hasn't yet been
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