Che Lavoro di m...

My friend Diego Vicamini is a very high-talented guy with a huge-experience in the HR and recruiting area.

Just for the italians readers I'd like to invite them on his new site http://www.chelavorodim.it that is a blog with suggestions to people that want to move-on and improve their career (I'd also love so much the site name, but I guess it's better avoiding to translate it...)

Diego is also involved in the startup of www.agork.it that is a great idea of having a service-provider tailored to small and medium size companies for corporate blogging, wikis and knowledge-sharing. The business model is based on subscriptions and advertising.

I was very impressed from the idea also if we choosed for a custom in-house solution built on Sharepoint 3.0 (...well we're an ICT company)

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