Sharepoint Conference 2008 - Day 4

Attended to the following presentation:

Building Composite Office Business Applications

Nice and brilliiant presentation about OBA Reference Toolkit (http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/architecture/cc196391.aspx).

It's very interesting to create an application framework which pivot across sharepoint to integrate the user experience with client side office applications (developed with VSTO).

Well, I'm very interesting in see real world application, at the moment they say that there a lot of opportunity for partners and that's not a good sign for real deployment...

It's not clear for me to understand how OBA is positioned comparing to Acropolis. I think that Acropolis will be the composer for Smart Client/SOA scenario while OBA is the composer for VSTO/IW applications.

Developing applications on SharePoint: Build your own Resource-Tracking and Staffing Management Solution

Real world application for consultancy tracking (the same business of my company). The application uses Sharepoint lists as a storage for engagements and consultants leveraging Search apis to find information.

But the the best showed idea is leveraging of UDF for Excel Services to pull business information from the data-sources integrating them into spreadsheets used as Dashboard in a very easy way. The UDF functions could be configured with a .config file to specify where data will be fetched

Also in this case, the lesson learned is that Form Servers is very challenging and tricky (because it's impossible discriminate the form section behaviour according to user role).

Managing a SharePoint Workflow Environment That Includes Custome Activities and Actions

Nothing new. Some best-practices about exception management and logging.

That's all about the conf.

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