Sharepoint Conference 2008 - Day 2

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Attended to the following sessions:


Migrating a SharePoint Designer Workflow to Visual Studio .NET

In Italy we says "Tears and Blood".

It's feasible migrate a Sharepoint Designer Workflow to WinFX, but the question is... Why?!?!

It's too much hardly and Tricky and you need to know some undocuments features. Also hardly to support.

The only scenario is the leveraging of SP Designer for prototypinh and after that migrate, but I think it's cheaper to prototype directly in Visual Studio...

Integrating Business Applications into MOSS Using the BizTalk Adapter Pack

That's the contents: http://blogs.msdn.com/adapters/archive/2008/02/15/biztalk-adapter-pack-released.aspx

From my perspective it's another abstraction layer between the BDC and the LOB but I don't see any great value for them.

During the presentation the speaker had a lot of problem wasting time.

I don't see value using the adapter pack with Sharepoint (BDC is OK), but it could be useful for other stand-alone applications with bidirection interactions (BDC is read-only)

MOSS 2007: Advanced Administrative Architecture, Deployment, and Operations

Best Practices from MS IT for deploying and supporting large enterprises. Nothing new.

Leverage the Power of the Business Data Catalog (BDC) to Integrate Content across the Enterprise

What you can do with the business Data Catalog.

It was very interesting the approach to the presentation. A Sharepoint site with all the features of BDC has been used.

Every site was conceived like a PPT presentation but with the real feature that was showed by the speaker (...and I loosed the name of him)

Easy Jet: MOSS 2007 As an Information Platform for the Intranet and Beyond

I apreciated a lot the presentation from Andy Caddy (Easy Jet chief architect) and he's also the father of www.easyjet.com that I think it's the best flight booking site.

During the presentation he showed EasyJet intranet which is mainly used for collaboration.

The most interesting application I think it's the area of crew briefing which is used to collect technical information regarding the trip and the planned plane. This application help to reduce the wasted or unproductive time to prepare the briefing collecting the required informations.

Evening Party

At Seattle Museum of Flight (http://www.museumofflight.org/Portal.asp?Flash=True and look at the picture).

Free-Food and drinks! But it was better 2 years ago the Experience Music Project (http://www.seattleattractions.com/emp.html). Jumy Hedrix rules...

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