Sharepoint Conference 2008 - Day 1

I'm arrived sunday evening in Seattle to learn something interesting at the Sharepoint Conference (well...I hope so) after 4 days around the east coast.

I attended to the following sessions:


Keynote (Bill Gates, Tom Rizzo, Kurt Del Bene)

But the most exciting stuff was this video: http://www.truveo.com/Bill-Gates-Last-Day-at-Microsoft/id/253035224

Build Interactive User Experiences with the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint

Nice session but there is already a lot a room to have Sharepoint and SilverLight integrated.

During a sessions differents approach to embedded SilverLight into a WebPart were showed.

I think that SilverLight could be evaluted to integrate mining model into DashBoard and some also as an interactive tool to render some kind of analytics (I mean a front-end for consolidated reporting).

One of the demo was built over the components of ComponentOne (http://labs.componentone.com/Sapphire/). Seems to be good stuff.

A Roll-Up of Fun & Lessons Learned Using the Content Query Web Part (CQWP)

A lot of different best practices, tips and lesson learned regarding the Content Query Web part.

The main trick is the leveraging of a custom column in every list which could be queried by the Content Query Web Part using predefined tags.

SharePoint As a BI Platform

It was very satisfing for me to look that the session was exposed with the same approach of mine during the 2007 launch of O2007 in Italy.

I've seen for the first time PerformancePoint that is very well conceived but I think it's very hard to sell...

PerfomancePoint it's an excellent platform but it's enabling tool which could be leveraged by strategic consulting firm to implement the Balanced Scorecard Theory to companies.

To create real value it's mandatory to reorganize the company building it around the nodes which are focused by PerformancePoint.

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